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It will help me help you discover your:

  • Money Knowledge: how much you know about money/your finances

  • Money Confidence: how confident you are about your financial knowledge 

  • Money Habits: what your money habits are and if they're good ones

  • Money Mindset: what you think and feel about money/finances and how that affects you

  • Money Goals: what your current financial goals are and/or how to set financial goals

  • Money Future: what you want your money to look like in the future and what you prioritize financially. 

Taking the Money Mavens Athlete Assessment will unlock education, tools & resources, classes, and one-on-one support to help you become a financially LIT athlete & a financially FIT athlete. 


This assessment is for any collegiate student-athlete that is currently enrolled in a college or university. Athletes competing in ALL divisions, NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, etc. are encouraged to take this!


This assessment is for any high school student-athlete that is currently enrolled in grades 9-12.

Take the Money Mavens Forever Athlete Assessment

COMING SOON! This assessment is for any former collegiate student-athlete that has graduated from or left their college/university to go pro.

This includes rookie athletes that have continued their athletic journey after college.