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Exceptional Athlete™ is a full-suite athlete mentorship, personal development, educational support, and transition program. 

*We serve ALL athletes interested in ALL sports*


We offer two signature programs, the Exceptional Athlete Development Program and the Billion Dollar Ballers™ program. Both programs offer tailor-made content & options for guest speaking and individualized mentorship, to help each of our Exceptional Athletes prepare for college, successful transition to graduation & going pro in their career. Our goal is to ensure that our players (and their parents & other MVPs) are at the top of their game, on and of the field.


Our Billion Dollar Ballers™ program offers innovative financial literacy programming options so our athletes maximize their personal finances through proper education! Are you just checking the box or are you looking for change agents? If you want original & innovative programming we've got it for you.

With our years of experience, extensive professional network in sport & other sectors, and an authentic, relationship-oriented approach, we guarantee to earn your trust and deliver Exceptional results!





Geared toward high school and collegiate student athletes, our atlete development programs help athletes prepare for every decision they need to make while entering into, navigating through & transitioning out of college.



Billion Dollar Ballers program prepares today’s high school and collegiate student-athletes to make smart money decisions.



Are you a Billion Dollar Baller? If you think so, take the Billion Dollar Baller Assessment.


“Kiara captured the room immediately when she spoke to our players about what it takes to be an elite athlete. I've never seen so many of my players so engaged in a talk that they would stop and ask questions because she helped put college sports and the transition into the real world very relatable to my players. It's important for these young athletes to see the big picture at a young age, so they don't make the same mistakes. She did a phenomenal job sharing that and given valuable information about being a student athlete in college .”

Savon huggins, st. Peter's Prep

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